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Nutrition Response Testing

Meet The Team

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Charity Shultz


Holistic Health Practitioner

Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner 


Dr. Savannah Reynolds, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic 

DOT Medical Examiner 

Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner



Nutrition Response Testing 

Nutrition Response Testing is a gentle and non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health. 

The analysis is done through testing the body's neurological reflexes and acupressure points. 

Our clinically proven system may be quite different from any other healing practice that you may have experienced. 

While lying down face up with your one arm extended toward the ceiling, the practitioner will perform a sensitivity test by applying some pressure to your arm while you resist that pressure. 

The practitioner will then place their hand on the reflex points for each organ. When the reflex is active, the nervous system responds by decreasing the energy to that area, which results in the weakening of your extended arm. The drop in your arm signifies an underlying stress on that organ, which could be affecting your health. 

We then test specific whole food nutritional formulas against the weak area, to find exactly what your body needs to bring it back to strength. 

The actual procedure is simple and direct, with the body providing all of the information and feedback needed. 

Our goal is to support the body so that it can accomplish what it was designed to ... heal itself!

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Why you are here:

If you are like other people who come to us for help, then most likely:

  • You have one or more health conditions that won't go away. 

  • You have visited doctors, or even alternative practitioners, but the results were not what you expected.

  • Health conditions are significantly affecting your life. Perhaps this also affects your career, family, and/or personal finances. 

  • You realize that these conditions are probably not going to go away or get better unless the real source of the problem is found and corrected. 

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